Welcome new friend!  I am Darlene, founder of "styled by DAR".  It would be my honor to come help you Declutter, Arrange and Restyle your space, life and mind.  

My love for organizing began in junior high, when I would constantly save my little sister from punishment, because of her messy room. Each time I helped her, I would feel such fulfilment and achievement.  As I grew up, and helped more people with their spaces, by creating systems for them, the feelings only got stronger. 

While I have enjoyed my long career in radiology, my true passion has always been in organizing. I have helped people organize their spaces, including medical offices and a few low-level hoarding homes, and I am ready to help you. 

I also enjoy finding objects in your home to repurpose or refurbish for use in your newly organized space to save you money. If you would rather start new and fresh, I can handle the shopping for you.

I believe your home should be a sanctuary where you feel calm and at ease. Allow me to make your space something you will love.