I offer a free consultation, which can be done virtually.  All sessions include a plan of action, decluttering, cleaning of the space being organized and removal of any donations and recycling.  I will be available for free support up to two weeks after the session has been completed.  I can also remove furniture, for a small gas fee. The more sessions you book up front, the more you will save. 

By the hour


"By the hour" is good for a very small area, such as a piece of furniture or a few drawers.  This could also be used for "touch up" appointments.

4 Hours

$270.00 (10% off)

This package is good for a pantry, an average size closet, or a small space.  Most smaller jobs can be done in this time frame.

 8 Hours

$510.00 (15% off)

I would recommend this package for a small bedroom or a kid's playroom. The 8 hours can be done in one day or split into two days.

12 Hours

$720.00 (20% off)

When you have a larger space, such as, a kitchen or a primary suite with multiple areas to be tackled, this would be more your plan.

Garage or Basement

For these larger spaces, a quoted price will be presented after the consult.  It will be dependent on the size of the space, how much will need to be removed and if extra help will need to be hired.

Move in / Move out

If you are planning on moving out or just moving in, we can develop a package according to your needs.  I will help you with decluttering and packing, or unpacking and setting up a system that works for you and the whole family.

Estate Sale

We can categorize items, price them and set them up for sale.  Removal of donation and recycling will be included.  We can customize a plan according to what you will need.

Services Offered

Included With Service